«Only the best for the youngest member of the family»

Maria Montessori

Hence the creation of a range of high-quality objects
for your baby like the mionido … their first space.

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mobile munari


Handmade black and white mobile munari.

Appropriate for newborns aged 0 - 2 months.

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Mobile munari by ik.

The infant's discernment of color is established after 3 months of age. Initially, the newborn's attention is drawn by extreme opposites such as black and white. For this reason, it is advisable to give newborns up to 3 months of age, black and white mobiles and/or observation cards.

Features of the mobile "munari":
  • Designed by the Italian artist - Bruno Munari (1907 - 1998)
  • Carefully conceived and made to the finest detail
  • Black and white
  • Gently moves with the breeze enabling the infant to focus
  • Based on the spatial relationships between the elements of the mobile
The mobile munari seduces and engages a baby's attention for many hours.
An ideal gift for newborns aged 0 - 2 months.
Hang the mobile 20 -25 cm from the newborn's visual perimeter.

Suitable for babies 0-2 months old.

Mobiles by ik

In its first months of life, your baby spends several hours on its back and search for stimuli to remain calm, happy and satisfied. Hanging a mobile above your baby responds to this need and has several benefits as follows:

  • encourages observation and focus
  • trains the newborn's optical vision through focus on a specific object
  • offers an interesting optical experience
  • provides kinetic information
  • trains the infant's aesthetic sense
  • mesmerizes and satisfies the infant


Hang them above the baby and leave the baby enjoy them as much as he/she wants.

From the age of 2-3 months old it’s even better if it is able to touch them as well.


Maria Montessori strongly believed that the exercise of the infant's senses is among one of the most important developmental milestones for a child.



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mobile munari

mobile munari

Handmade black and white mobile munari.

Appropriate for newborns aged 0 - 2 months.

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