«Only the best for the youngest member of the family»

Maria Montessori

Hence the creation of a range of high-quality objects
for your baby like the mionido … their first space.

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set mionido basic and one cotton cover, topponcino cotton


One mionido basic (a cotton topponcino) cuddle mattress made from 100% cotton and one mionido cotton cover.

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What is a mionido? 

The mionido is a cuddle mattress for newborns inspired by the topponcino.  It is used for carrying infants safely from one place to another while providing the newborn with its own soft, warm and familiar environment.

 The mionido offers three main benefits:

  • Helps support the infant’s back and neck when carrying the newborn.
  • Provides the infant with a stable microenvironment necessary for the newborn to feel emotional security and remain calm, happy and relaxed during the first 2-3 months.
  • Is made from natural and breathable materials making the mionido an ideal cuddle mattress and for the sensitive newborn.

A simple concept that responds to the needs of the newborn and mother makes the mionido an ideal and unique first gift.

Inspired by what Maria Montessori called thetopponcino and the traditional Greek cuddle mattress – the seltedaki – the mionido reflects our respect for the newborn that needs a stable microenvironment to remain calm and relaxed even when moved from one embrace and/or environment to another.  “Nido” means nest and mionido means my nest.


Mionido use: 

  • Use the mionido to carry your baby while simultaneously supporting the infant’s back and neck.
  • Place the mionido in a stroller or anywhere else you rest your baby minimizing any interruption to the newborns environment as the familiar and soothing smells – milk, mother and baby – absorbed  by the mionido follow your baby everywhere.
  • The mionido makes it easier and safer for older siblings to carry the newborn in their arms. 

Mionido information: 

  • The outer shell is made from 100% natural percale cotton and the filling is natural cotton.
  • Wash only as necessary or when you want to restore its fluffiness.
  • When required, roll-up the mionido and tie it with a ribbon before placing it into the washing machine.  Machine wash at 30ºC using a standard cycle.  Shake, maneuver into shape and dry flat in the sun. This will help retain its form and fluffiness.
  • Mionido covers are machine washable at 30º C.
  • Size: W45cm x L60 x D2cm approximately.
  • Each mionido cuddle mattress comes in a fabric pouch with care instructions and advice, making it convenient to store.

About us:


We follow a long tradition that respects the basic needs of the newborn, adding our own “modern and cozy” touch. 

  • We make the mionido with love, knowledge and respect for your infant resulting in a calm and relaxed baby because it responds to the newborns need for a stable environment.
  • We select materials of the highest quality which are 100% natural and breathable because we only want the finest materials to come in contact with your baby.
  • We supervise the mionido to the last detail to deliver a quality and highly aesthetic product.

The mionido can be delivered to your home:

Order a mionido and the covers of your choice online from the E-SHOP creating your own personal set.

Give the mionido as a gift:

It’s an ideal and unique gift for the newborn.  It is handmade with the care befitting a newborn.

Made in Greece by ithmos kids.



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set mionido basic and one cotton cover, topponcino cotton

set mionido basic and one cotton cover, topponcino cotton

One mionido basic (a cotton topponcino) cuddle mattress made from 100% cotton and one mionido cotton cover.

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