«Only the best for the youngest member of the family»

Maria Montessori

Hence the creation of a range of high-quality objects
for your baby like the mionido … their first space.

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Our story...

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As a mother, I’ve always searched for what is best for my children.

Throughout my search I have come across numerous methods and philosophies of child rearing and development shaping the way I see the world, the people around me and of course, children.  Over the years these influences have given rise to the establishment of ithmos kids

At ithmos kids we endeavor to provide products and services aimed at shaping the child’s environment,  creating the newborn’s first space – his/her nest – and games within the family home based on our belief in the child, the inspiration we derive from the Montessori school of thought, our architectural roots, and of course, our own experience of raising four children.

In line with the theoretical and practical developmental needs of children, we have established a range of products and services aimed at helping parents to provide their newborns and infants with the tools required to facilitate their healthy growth. 

Our products by ithmos kids represent a series of Montessori inspired objects that we used, loved and considered essential for our own children, and that we would like to share with others.  In addition, ithmos kids also offers a series of lectures and seminars currently only available in Greece, whereby we aim to provide parents with the information and collaboration to support their efforts.

We are child-centered and our focus is on enabling children to develop the necessary:

  • skills
  • focus and independence
  • self-esteem

Let us not forget,  Maria Montessori advocated that creating the right environment is essential to helping any child achieve his/her potential.

We look forward to being of service and to supporting your efforts as parents.