«Only the best for the youngest member of the family»

Maria Montessori

Hence the creation of a range of high-quality objects
for your baby like the mionido … their first space.

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mio services

In all our efforts to facilitate the development of the young child it was deemed necessary to support parents with advice on how to create and shape the child’s first living space. 

Our goal is to inform parents via seminars and presentations on creating a space for the child that supports the acquisition of skills, self-esteem and independence according to their natural developmental phase.  Moreover, as the child grows it is important to alter the child’s living space to respond to their developmental needs resulting in a calmer, satisfied and happy child within the home and the family!

Our approach is supported by:

  • our faith in the child and in his/her abilities.
  • our architectural training and experience.
  • keeping up-to-date with the Montessori system of education.
  • our experience as parents.

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