«Only the best for the youngest member of the family»

Maria Montessori

Hence the creation of a range of high-quality objects
for your baby like the mionido … their first space.

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What are toys by ik?


Toys by ik are the infant’s first toys.  These toys address early infancy and are inspired by the toys recommended to Montessori communities based on the principles advocated by Maria Montessori for this age group.

Mio toys include mobiles, teethers and grasping toys

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  • They target specific developmental phases in early infancy: vision, motion and spatial relationships.
  • Appropriately sized for the newborn.
  • Their simplicity ensures that your baby is the main protagonist in play encouraging his/her own interpretation and discovery of the world.

For these reasons our toys help your baby to discover the world in the best possible way and at his/her own pace.

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