Webinars and counseling for mom and dad…
Only available in Greek.

Space is shaped by us and we are shaped by space.

Thus, we provide you with a series of webinars, so that you can shape your home to your children’s needs and help them grow naturally, that is, in the best possible way. In such an environment children develop their strengths, they are calm and cooperative and become mature and autonomous.

We also provide consulting services at home, so that you can bring your own home to the needs of your child. In this way, it will respond each time to your child’s age and help the child grow up, as his/her inner strength calls and as he/she wishes.

Our architectural education and the knowledge of space management, our montessori education and our many years of parenting experience are our main guides every time we deal with the formation of space.

So let’s shape their space “otherwise” because it can be better “otherwise”!

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