Mionido, their first nest.

If you could capture the smell of Mom in a piece of cloth, would you do it?

We did and created Mionido, their first gift. Mionido is based on the Montessori philosophy, inspired by what Maria Montessori called “topponcino” and the Greek tradition “seltedaki”.

Mionido responds to the child’s deep need for stability and safety. It keeps them calm and happy.

Nido means “nest” and mionido means “my nest”.

Mionido (topponcino) is the ideal and unique gift for newborns; it is handmade and provides all the care that suits a newborn baby.

Select the Mionido mattress of your choice, basic or organic and combine it with the covers of your choice. 
Made in Greece by ithmos kids.

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